Save planets and create new species


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The galaxy is full of arid, devastated planets and evil space pirates are everywhere. Your mission is to bring those planets to life as you journey back to Earth.

This game tweaks the concept found in classic games like Farmville. But, in Terrafarmers you won't have to wait around because there is always something to do. There are many things for you to do in the game, including making new species, cooking new dishes, mixing together elements, and fighting against space pirates.

This game has more than 50 levels where you’ll be able to bring 14 planets to life, buy objects from the shop, and try to get the gold medal on each level.

Without a doubt Terrafarmers is a game that will provide hours of addicting fun. Its graphics are really nice and you can improve very quickly thanks to all the tutorials included.

What are you waiting for? Bring the galaxy to life!

The demo version only allows you to play for one hour.

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